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Keeping You Safe

***Updated November 6, 2022***

With recent changes to Manitoba's health restrictions related to COVID-19, there is no change to personal protective equipment requirements when providing care to clients. As health care workers in home and community care, we will continue to abide by the requirements put in place by Shared Health and the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba. We will continue to utilize mask and eye protection for all therapists and request our patients wear masks during our sessions when physical distancing cannot be facilitated. We will also continue screening of all clients and present support prior to initiating treatment.

As physiotherapists and massage therapists here in Manitoba, we are privileged to be considered essential service providers and continue working within the community during these challenging times. We are providing care in full compliance with the public health orders mandated by the Province of Manitoba, as well as any additional requirements of facilities in which our clients reside. We will continue to provide updates here should any requirements change.

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  • Staff members perform daily self-assessments monitoring for symptoms. Clinicians will NOT attend work if feeling unwell and will continue to follow isolation recommendations if ill.  

  • We perform screening of all clients with a Covid-19 Screening Tool prior to providing care to ensure safety for all staff and clientele.

  • We utilize consistent and proper Personal Protective Equipment as required by Shared Health, which includes medical grade masks and eye protection throughout the duration of all appointments.

  • We will continue to recommend all clients and family members wear masks during sessions and can provide one if needed. If there are issues/concerns regarding mask use, please discuss these with your therapist.

  • We perform proper hand hygiene upon arrival and at appointment completion.

  • We perform intensive cleaning/sanitization to all equipment used. 

  • We abide by any additional requirements of residential and medical facilities including additional PPE as required. 

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  • We request clients complete the self-screening tool attached below prior to your treatment session.

  • Please inform us as soon as possible if you or someone in your household are feeling at all unwell or are experiencing any symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 acutely, we ask that you contact us to reschedule your appointment. There will be no penalty for cancellation. Contact us via email at or phone (204) 955-5360.

  • We continue to recommend clients and family members wear your mask during appointments.

  • Perform frequent hand hygiene: washing your hands before and after handling your mask, as well as prior to your appointment.

  • If possible, please provide an area for therapists to wash and dry their hands with a clean towel/paper towel.

Our primary goal is continuing to ensure the safety of all our clients and therapists. We are so appreciative of your continued understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

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For Your Reference


Please review this tool prior to your scheduled appointment.


Regularly updated information regarding recommendations and Covid-19 resources.

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